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Homeward Bound

A complete renovation of a 1980's post and beam home with panoramic views of Casco Bay.

The solid post and beam structure allowed for the removal of eight walls and the addition of windows throughout the home, creating an open plan contemporary layout and maximizing the water views. The integrity of the original building was conserved with the warmth of the fir beams, red oak floors and iron fittings contrasting with the ebony stained woodwork and doors. Liberal use of organic materials and a natural color palette are found throughout the space softening the contemporary lines and welcoming the outside environment in.

A focal point is the unique open staircase at the center of the home, created with opaque resin risers of birch twigs, sipo wood treads and fir beam stringers. An open gallery wraps around the second floor showcasing the owners' art collection accumulated in their years of living abroad.

Feng Shui formulas were taken into consideration in the purchase of the property. Water is a powerful force in nature, and waterfront homes require strong protective support. In this case, large windows were eliminated in the rear, the front door entry strengthened, and a rockscaping plan developed. The central staircase risers were designed to eliminate the effect of "cutting chi" when opening the front door, and quartz crystals were added to move the energy up not out. The fireplace is imbedded with black tourmaline to reduce the effects of a power plant in the area and the clients intentions were magically blended into the Benjamin Moore "Aura" paints.

Successful outcomes are always the result of a great team. This project benefitted from, a design manager who had lived in Asia and understood the importance of Feng Shui, a creative design/engineering team and an innovative and industrious contractor. As a result, construction was completed on schedule, within budget and with limited stress.

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