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Flower Farm

An extensive addition to a 6500 square foot, "farmhouse" in Connecticut built in the late 1980's. The home had terrific "bones", but was lacking a second floor, and the lower level needed updating.

As managers of the project, the KISMET team worked hand and glove with the architect, hired the contractor and oversaw the construction process. Three bedrooms and bathrooms were added by reclaiming raw attic space, and extending the entrance hall to create a staircase gallery access from the main floor. The lower level was designed to include an entertainment space leading out to the pool area, back garden and pond.

The beauty of the project is that the exterior of the home retained its country charm despite expanding the home by a third to accommodate the family's needs for a space which included twins and triplets.

The challenge in a home of this size is accommodating a large family while keeping the romance alive. A glamorous bedroom, cozy nooks and a passion red bar guarantee intimacy between husband & wife. Proportion is the key to creating balance. Rooms and furnishings are personal in scale. This house never feels empty. The children's room were selected and designed to place each child in their best direction based on their date of birth. A state of the art sound system and family pets keep the energy flowing.

Creating an environment which supports a healthier, happier life style is what Feng Shui is all about and these are just some of the subtle adjustments employed to create a home that feels as good as it looks.

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