Recent Design Projects

The Bickford Collection

The Pavilion at
Railroad Square

The task, to create an interactive and welcoming space to house a collection of antique trucks and equipment.

Born of a passion for preserving history, the collector and his nephew Tim designed the magnificent open air post and beam pavilion structure. Intended to resemble a railroad platform, Tim’s team built the structure offsite then assembled at the Railroad Square site. The collector's wife, Lyn and daughter, Tam were the on-the-ground managers of the project, whilst New Jersey based Gary Mahan designed and orchestrated the pieces into an integrated and friendly environment. Designed to give the “experience” of operating the vehicles, the unique interactive “courtyard”, an extension to the pavilion structure, houses brightly colored “renovated” antique farm and construction equipment and a vintage fire truck. A visiting grandparent recently wrote in the Pavilion guest book, “It’s (the Pavilion) a wonderful place to visit and play... even for kids”, and helps make history the future. A family’s collaborative labor of love.

The Museum at Yarmouth Junction

A full renovation of a 1970’s horsebarn. The extensive renovation houses forty-five more serious vehicles and is filled with period memorabilia of the day.

Open to the public, both facilities have been received with great enthusiasm and interest by young and old a like.

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