KISMET Artists & Collections


KISMET Artists - Min Wae Aung

KISMET represents a carefully chosen eclectic cadre of artists—from Burma to Maine—from emerging to internationally known.

Min Wae Aung

Mg Aw

Kevin Bubriski

Kate Faulkner

Wei Jia

Natalia Karpinskaia

Al Lachman

Phan Luan

David Morico


KISMET Maine Artists

Maine Artists represented in the Artist Cottage.

John Bowdren

Lyn Bickford

Nathan Campbell

Evelyn Dunphy


For more details and a full listing of artists, please call KISMET at 207-847-3120.

Furniture Collections

Furniture collections - Snapdragon


Snapdragon's striking contemporary furniture designs are a harmonious fusion of eastern and western style. Renowned by the international interior design community for chic, simple, and timeless design, Snapdragon's exceptional quality craftsmanship, perfectly balanced proportions and glorious lacquer finishes are the perfect compliment to any environment—home, office or hotel.

John Whipple

As a practicing architect, John Whipple has explored the relationship between utility and beauty for a long time, in everything from mobiles to mailboxes, from houses to office buildings. His goal is to make objects that we live with every day lift the spirits and feed the imagination. An extensive series of lights done in the last few years is inspired by natural forms and man-made things that move in the wind.

Furniture collections - John Whipple