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Natalia Karpinskaia's recent work entitled "The Doodle Series" is for her, in a way, an interpretation of the Surrealist idea of Automatism, or automatic drawing. In this series, her daily "doodles", created unconsciously on paper scraps, were collected, enlarged and transformed into vibriant pieces of art. Seemingly meaningless little doodles enlarged ten-fold all of a sudden acquired a new sense of importance and beauty with their larger scale. The single edition "doodle drawings" were etched through a paper lithography process and incorporated into what Karpinskaia calls "surrealist landscapes".


Originally from Russia, Karpinskaia's work is held in corporate and private collections worldwide. She is a frequent teacher at New Canaan's Silvermine Guild, and is now based in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

KISMET Artist - Natalia Karpinskaia

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